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Dishwashers are a must-have for many homeowners.

The struggle without them is real and often not realized until you are forced to live without one or yours breaks down. If the latter takes place, a prompt dishwasher repair is definitely desired. We'll go over some common dishwasher issues to help you troubleshoot. However, there's no easier solution than hiring a professional repairman to tackle the job.

First off, commonly dishwashing machines don't fill up as they should. The pressure could be inadequate due to an obstruction in the water supply line, the fill hose or a fault in the pressure switch. However, in many cases a problem with the pressure switch translates to the machine over-filling. Some other possible causes for a dishwasher not filling up correctly include a defect in the water inlet valve or the drain valve arm.

Sometimes a dishwasher will leak. It's a terrible problem to have and needs to be rectified immediately to prevent serious problems and damage to your home. The issue might be the result of a break in the door seal, the door latch or hinge not working effectively or even using an overly-sudsy detergent.

Another common issue is trouble with the draining cycle. The drain pump or its motor might not be working properly. The screen could be clogged up and preventing water from getting through. The drain hose might be tangled or there could be damage in the drain valve or drive belt.

Lastly, sometimes a dishwasher won't adequately dry dishes even if you set it with high drying times. This problem is almost always the result of the heating element failing or not working at all. You can check it for continuity or simply replace if it's obviously not heating up.

Helpful tip

Take proper care of your dishwasher by ensuring it is clean at all times. This little effort will increase performance and prevent dishes from coming out dirty. More importantly, it will ensure that debris does not build up at the bottom of your dishwasher. This debris can obstruct the drain hose, pump, mesh gate and other areas. It's recommended that you clean your dishwasher on the inside at least once a week. Further, examine the spinning arms for debris as this can also accumulate and reduce the machine's performance quality.

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