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Is your freezer working intermittently?

If it starts to work and stops working all on its own, a handful of problems might be occurring. We'll go over each of them to help you figure out what might be wrong with your freezer. Take each into consideration but reach out for a diagnosis with a licensed freezer repair technician to get to the bottom of the problem.

Check the condenser fan. If it's clogged up, the machine might start to overwork and shut off when it pushes itself too much. Not only can clogs cause this issue but the fan, or other parts, could be shorting out while the machine is in use. This problem might happen if the parts become loose - if they do become loose, chances are you will also hear a rattling noise.

Check the compressor relay. This part is in charge of the compressor and tells it when to run and when to turn off. If it's faulty, the freezer will be told to turn off at the wrong time. Therefore, your freezer might run intermittently if the compressor relay needs to be replaced.

Check the compressor motor. This part might start to wear out or become defective and only work intermittently. It's important for the compressor motor to make sure it is receiving sufficient power. Use a multimeter to test. If you do not have a multimeter, you can purchase on for under $50 but you're better off getting a freezer repair diagnosis from a professional versus spending more to troubleshoot.

Check the overload protector. If this part is getting the message that the machine is overloaded, it will safeguard it by turning off. If this signal occurs when it shouldn't the overload protector is faulty and will need to be replaced with a new one.

Helpful tip

Chest freezers are not designed to be operating 24/7 and any issue that causes them to never stop running requires immediate attention. You can diagnose a little by yourself before calling in an expert, though. First, you should check the quality of the door seal; close a piece of paper on it and see if you can easily remove it. If the door gasket holds the paper it is a good sign that the seal is strong - however, you should still inspect all over it for pinholes as it only takes a little opening to cause a serious problem.

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