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Do you take proper care of your washing machine?

Save the service call and maintain your machine so it doesn't suffer from premature wear and tear. Many washer repair problems are simply issues that could've been prevented or delayed for years, with adequate maintenance.

First off, inspect the hoses and attachment pieces on the outside of your washing machine. Check to see if the hoses have any breakage, blistering or visible leaking. Look for signs of rust or corrosion around the hose fittings.

Both the hose and its attachments should be swapped out if there is physical damage. Please note that a damaged hose can burst and leak out more than enough water to cause serious damage to your home - potentially ruining some of your electrical outlets and light fixtures and making a sudden fire very possible.

Next, check the dispensers as they can potentially leak or get jammed up. This issue often happens because of using a harsh laundry detergent or fabric softener. Some appliance owners will choose to mix in water (half and half ratio) to make sure the liquid is easily dispersed.

Now make sure the machine is level. Blankets and other heavy loads can cause the machine to vibrate excessively which can result in damage to internal parts. To make sure the machine is balanced, either adjust the screws or, if your washer has them, make use of the auto-adjusting rear legs.

Also, this next tip doesn't relate with washer repair but still holds significant importance. Your machine needs to be cleaned internally on a semi-frequent basis. Why? Bacteria can harbor, especially above the fill line where the water splashes. Make a habit out of it; do an empty load at the hottest level possible with a few cups of white vinegar inside.

Helpful tip

A washing machine seems easy to use. However, sometimes the simplest mistakes go unnoticed. Have you ever been curious if you might be misusing your machine? One common thing that many consumers are guilty of is filling their washer up with too much stuff, whether it's too many heavy items or simply too compacted. The overload will cause extra pressure on the parts inside of the machine. Another mistake that's commonly made is choosing the wrong cycle option as this can impact the amount of water that's included in the load; too little water can be damaging to your washer.

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