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Using the self-cleaning function on a stove can be disastrous.

This mode requires the oven compartment to heat up to very hot temperatures. In fact, the inside of your stove will exceed 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for many hours. This high level of heat can cause damage to various internal parts. After all, it just takes is a burnt capacitor to cause major trouble in your appliance.

Unfortunately, the self-cleaning cycle can sometimes destroy your control board. The result of damage to this board is an incorrect amount of voltage delivered to various parts in your stove. This problem is not the most common instance we see in stove repair cases based around self-cleaning disasters, though.

The most common issue that comes up after running the self-clean cycle is a problem with the door lock. Whether the motor or switch is faulty, if there is a defect here your best bet will to be replace the entire assembly. Typically, if this part becomes defective the door will get stuck in locked position - you might need to take your stove door panel apart to manually unlock it.

Aside from issues with the control board and door lock mechanism, sometimes the temperature control thermostat can also give out. In the case of a self-cleaning mishap, the oven compartment simply won't reach the right temperature because of the faulty thermostat. Surprisingly, this part can still work for the broil and bake elements while causing problems when trying to run the self-clean cycle.

Oven thermostats are not easy to troubleshoot. We recommend you simply replace this part if you believe it is problematic. As such, leave the thermostat for last when testing all the different stove parts which could be causing self-cleaning problems.

Helpful tip

Grease accumulation in stove burners should be dealt with before the buildup gets too extreme. You must consider your stovetop surface before deciding what cleaner is best. Glass surfaces respond well to vinegar and baking soda - burnt matter can be scraped off with a sharp razor blade if you cover it with a cloth. Traditional stovetop burners and their underplates can be taken out and simply soaked with hot water and soap in the sink for a few hours. If you are really worried about what type of cleaner to use - get a specialty cleaner instead.

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